Biosys Biomedical provides services of R&D and production of the devices needed by the hospitals and emergency services.

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Turkey’s First High-Level Intensive Care Type Mechanical Ventilator

Our devices are specially designed and adjusted to the training and evaluation of our customers and build to eliminate NRE Cost thus making them cost efficient.

High-tech equipment needed by the Biosys being researched and developed by the hospitals and industry professionals all over Turkey’s research centers.

By doing so BioSys stays as one of the leading companies in production in Turkey and takes pride for using only domestic facilities and resources for producing.

OBOGS  |  R&D Stage.

The built-in continuous oxygen generation system

A person can continue his life by breathing at a concentration of 21% oxygen. Breathing is the only process in which oxygen is needed. Gas exchange occurs between the lung alveoli and blood in the lung capillaries by passive diffusion of gases.



From long-lasting to single-use solutions!
Our devices and accessories produced under the needs of the industry; offering continuity, ease of use, longevity, and mass production compatibility, our accessories are ready for your next project.
  • Expiration Valves
  • Bacteria Filters
  • Patient Circuit

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