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About Biosys
As Biosys; Being aware of the fact that benefiting from health services is the most basic social and human right; we were lucky enough to find a solution between the increasing demand in the health sector for the last ten years with our ground breaking products. In 2012, we set out and started our journey with competent and dynamic engineers who have a long R&D experience and doctors who are experts in their field in order to provide this basic human right to every breathing person.

With our cutting-edge R&D center, where ideas have turned into reality and with help from our dedicated teammates; we are taking firm steps towards real solutions with the power of science and humanity.

We are trying to protect human health with meticulous and deep studies and with the idea that even the smallest work we do, can affect the health of many living creature on this planet.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

As Biosys, we aim to open up to world markets by designing and producing high-tech, high-threshold medical devices in the biomedical field.

Biosys olarak, biyomedikal alanında ileri teknoloji, eşik değeri yüksek tıbbi cihazlar tasarlayarak ve üreterek dünya marketlerine açılma hedefindeyiz.

Our vision

We design our products, which have proven themselves in the field and believe that they are a common solution for all geographies in our world, with the vision of improving world health.

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