Biyovent Intensive Care Type Mechanical Ventilator Device

From design to hardware, software to technology, Biyovent, has been carefully thought with every detail and developed with a holistic approach. Prepared for mass production in cooperation with Arçelik, Baykar and Aselsan, Biyovent adds value to health with its modern and ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, traditional and innovative operating modes, and adaptable structure for different patient groups.

Personalized Treatment

  • Invasive and Non - Invasive Ventilation
  • Integrated Nebulizer
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy and N-CPAP (nasal C-PAP)
  • Suitable for Pediatric, Adult and Newborn (Optional) Patients
  • Smart Ventilation Modes

    Convenient Design for
    Quick and Easy Set-up

    Biyovent’s set-up is quick and easy with its three-piece structure. Thanks to its ergonomic design consisting of the foot, support and main body parts connected to the screen, it allows for an easy set-up. Biyovent, which allows its parts to be connected with each other with eight screws, works quickly in a solution-oriented manner, thanks to its simplified set-up system rather than a complex configuration during device set-up.

    • 15 inch high-resolution colour screen • Sensitive touch • Easy switching between modes • Easily adjustable mode parameters • Simultaneous monitoring of more than 30 parameters

    Advanced Software,
    Easy Set-up

    • 15 inch high resolution colour screen

    • Sensitive touch

    • FF-Easy to switch between modes

    • -Simultaneous monitoring of more than 30 parameters

    • Support foot for oxygen cylinder

    • -Multi-use autoclavable expiration block

    • -Nebulizer outlet

    • -Safe design

    • -Easy to use

    • -Wheels with increased impact absorption

    • -Locking mechanism

    Advanced Software,
    Easy Set-up