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New Generation Intensive Care Type Mechanical Ventilator

  • Biyovent As a result of the 5-year R&D study, is produced with the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology, TÜBİTAK, Bilkent University Cyberpark.
  • The 5-year design, production, and testing process have been successful with the joint work of engineers from the defense industry and doctors with advanced respiratory physiology.

Single Device

Compatible with All Patients

Neonatal, Pediatric and Adult

Advanced Adaptive Control

Biyovent Uses Advanced Adaptive Control Algorithms.
  • 5Response in milliseconds
  • 5It has Biyovent Nasal Cpap and High Flow Oxygen therapy (HFOT) modes.
  • 5Biyovent has an integrated nebulizer system

Biyovent Interface and

Software Features

Biyovent Simultaneously Shows 3 Charts, 3 Cycles, and Lung Dynamics Status.
  • 5Biyovent, displays graphical instantaneous measurement values graphically to present patient status to the user in a more meaningfull manner.
  • 5Pressure-Time, Volume-Time, Flow-Time; Cycles: PressureVolume, Pressure-Flow, and Flow-Volume Chart and Graphics for better usage.
  • 5With the Smart Lung View / Ventilation Cockpit feature, it shows the lungs dynamic status to the user.
  • 5Graphic stop feature of this device offers the opportunity to analyze the graphics and loops by freezing the frame.

Gradual Alarm Level and

Automatically Defined Alarm Limits

  • 5Creates audible and visual alarms in the case of Biyovent alarm scenarios. This device sets the alarm level in stages, making it easier for users to control.
  • 5There is a mechanical, electronic and software security system in the system.
  • 5By doing this, device ensures the safety of the patients. There is an alarm mute (2min) with a quick access button.

New technologies

Patient Tracking and Data Collection System
  • 5Remote follow-up feature for intensive care patients in the hospital
  • 5Creates statistical information by collecting patient data over the network
  • 5Statistical information feature of this device gives solid information for the publication of new scientific articles
Application Method

By allowing the doctor or operator to collect patient data on the device;

  • 5Patient's age, gender, height, and weight information can be collected
  • 5Vital values of the patient such as heart rate and breath rate can be monitorized
  • 5Device operating settings are easy to adjust and adapt
  • 5Patient's recovery or apnea knowledge are provided constantly
Side Uses
  • 5Ambulances
  • 5Houses and Commercial Use

15 ″ Full Touch Screen

  • 5Biyovent displays its system information with a 15-inch high-resolution color screen and provides fantastic feel of touch with its sensitive touch feature.
  • 5Fio2 provides quick access to values such as PEEP, Respiratory Rate, Respiration parameters on the screen.
  • 5With the 5Wide screen, it shows the patient information instantly and allows you to detect alarm situations remotely. Biyovent interface has a user-friendly design.
  • 5Biyovent provides ease of use for intensive care mechanical ventilators which are known to be complicated to use.

High Performance

Non-invasive Ventilation

  • Low Air and Oxygen Pressure Detection
  • Adjustable Apnea Time and Apnea Backup Mode
  • Allows to follow up the patient trend for 1 week.
  • Comparative Sensor Measurement and Automatic Calibration
  • 5 ms Valve Response Time
  • 100 mbar Emergency Valve



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